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The number one issue that companies trying to hire foreign employees face is the issue of visas/status of residence and immigration. The employee may attempt to apply for a visa themselves, perhaps with the help of the company, but there is always the chance that the visa application will be rejected and the company will not be able to hire the employee. With the help of a lawyer, both the company and the employee can rest assured that the visa application will go smoothly, quickly, and be successful.

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There are several potential cases when trying to employ a foreign employee in Japan. Is the employee already living in Japan on a visa, and their visa needs to be changed to a different type? Is the employee living abroad and needs to be issued a visa to enter Japan? And in each case, different documents for the visa are needed. If you are the prospective employee, ask your company to hire an English-speaking lawyer to help you with your visa issues. If you are the company looking to hire a foreign employee, make sure you hire a lawyer that can communicate both with your company representative and the prospective employee.

Not only are there different potential cases when hiring a foreign employee in Japan, but there are also many different types of working visas for foreigners in Japan. The company must determine which working visa best suits the position being hired for. The employee’s education and/or work history must also correspond with the visa category for the visa application to be successful.

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