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Are you a foreign resident or tourist that was arrested in Japan and are facing criminal charges? Unfortunately, your national embassy will rarely be able to protect you in cases where you are arrested for a crime under the jurisdiction of Japan. Furthermore, Japanese criminal law states that you can be detained for a maximum of 23 days without being formally charged, and you may be deported or lose your visa. Click here for more details on the arrest process in Japan, what you should do, and how to contact a lawyer.

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The laws of Japan do not guarantee you free legal advice or legal representation at the early stages of arrest. It is ultimately your responsibility to appoint a lawyer of your choice. Make sure you appoint a lawyer who speaks English as well as Japanese, so nothing important is lost in translation.

Some examples of criminal charges that foreigners have commonly faced in the past include drug offenses, sexual offenses, violence, and theft. As the only law firm in Japan that specializes in criminal defense, rest assured that our lawyers at ATOM will do everything to help.

This page is intended to be used for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for obtaining professional legal advice.

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