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Are you settling in Japan, and therefore want to make a will? Perhaps you need to settle inheritance issues here in Japan as a foreigner, or spouse/child of a foreign resident. Or, you’re wondering how inheritance tax works in Japan. For issues that are so important and that can potentially lead to arguments and/or disputes, you’ll want to have a Japanese lawyer that is both well-versed in Japanese inheritance law and trained in English.

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In regards to leaving a will in Japan, there are two ways to do so. One is creating a notary deed will, and the other is creating a handwritten will. Notary deed wills are more common in Japan, and are the safer form of will as handwritten wills can be voided easier in court. However, wills made as a notary deed also cost money, whereas a handwritten will does not. For more details on creating a will in Japan and which method will work for you, click here. Or, perhaps you already have a will written in your home country and you’re wondering if it would be valid should you pass in Japan? In that case, click here for more information.

For division of inherited property and assets, there are three options: division by agreement, by conciliation, and at family court. If the division of inheritance cannot be solved by agreement, you should seek a lawyer to help you with negotiations and to represent you should you decide to take the case to court. More details about division of inheritance can be found here.

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