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Japan is a great place to start a business, or expand your existing company into. Hosting Tokyo, the biggest city in the world, Japan has become a global center of business and many foreign business people have decided to extend their reach here.

However, starting a business in Japan is not easy alone. This is especially true for foreign business people and entrepreneurs who do not yet speak or read Japanese. Having a Japanese person to advise you, especially an attorney, will make the process much easier for you. All contracts and communication must be created and done in Japanese, so having a bilingual lawyer who can help you navigate the language and cultural barriers will be extremely beneficial.

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When starting a company in Japan, there are certain requirements to fulfill, all of them in Japanese. You also must choose what type of company structure you want yours to be, which will change the way your company is seen by Japanese people. And finally, there are rules when hiring employees for a company in Japan that may differ from what you are familiar with in your home country.

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