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English Lawyers Japan is a legal resource website and service for foreign residents in Japan facing legal issues or requiring legal advice on matters relating to divorce, traffic accidents, inheritance, wills, criminal defense, immigration, business matters and corporate law. We offer all our services in English and strive to support our clients through the stresses and strains of navigating the Japanese legal system.

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Types of visas for foreigners in Japan

When hiring foreign employees in Japan, it is crucial that they have, or are issued, a proper visa to live and work in Japan. If you are lucky, your employee will already be living in Japan and either be on the working visa you need, or on a specified visa (Long-Term Resident, Spouse or Child […]

Contracts and benefits for employees in Japan

Drafting a labor contract that is fully compliant with all of the Japanese labor laws is vital to successfully setting up your company in Japan. This article will go over the employment conditions that are required to be stated in your company’s labor contract, as well as the key points to consider when drafting your […]